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Programmatically Finalbird is far from "little simply program" – it simple for using but not for developing. We carefuly and accurately extended capabilities of the main "visual" process of Windows operating system, doesn't made any harm to the system. Before the release time total spended time by people, working enthusiastically (and somebody only on a pro-bono basis) amounted to more than 400 work hours of .NET programmer, 850 work hours of operating system programmers, 2100 work hours of project developer + designer + tester...
Details about difficulties in creation of Finalbird is here.


• 1 Improve the software, help and support Finalbird users (and I hope, to write new free useful programs). It is user-friendly to duscuss any suggestions by means our page of this service

• 2 leave the software without any embedded advertisment – we really don't want to descend to this one very very much :( !

• 3 Add the feature of deleting and moving in favorites folders CURRENT PLAYUING FILES (and whole folders this file) for the most polular audio-video players: VLC, Windows Media... - just by one click or by means useful hotkeys.

• 4 Feature of adding folder of currently opening dialog window (Open / Save as).

• 5 Custom install of only desired components with illustrations – now you may to perform almost the same through the settings after install, but also we need to split some program library to make ability to use «popup-menu» without one or two quick launch panels.

• 6 Enhancement of quick launch menu fitting in taskbar in every cases, to users have never must to move up panels after applying "lock taskbar" and in every cases there is not appear any differences in quick launch panels after restarting Windows. And adding feature of easy changing positions and arrangement of quick launch panels.

• 7 In additional to supporting Total Commander software add supporting of another popular file managers.

• 8 Buttons «Clear all history» in «Recent Folders» and «Recent Files» subdivision and appropriate items in settings.

• 9 Fast and easy-to-see choosing of icons for files and folders among collections of system libraries and extension of Finalbird icons collection.

• 10 Useful making of reserve copies of working files (with archiving feature) – it is need when people work with file of project and this file often should be edited, this reserving wouldn't make a dump in the project folder and take a lot of working time.

. . .

Check, test and adjust Finalbird for new or changed functions and modifications of Windows operating system.

As well as about ~30 enhancement, without which the software can works right but wtih which it would be MORE useful, faster and functionally!

Thank you for your attention!
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